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Welcome to the more serious part of my virtual world! (Click here for the leisure part)

This site is structured around topics that I have been working on so far with an emphasis on public health informatics in developing countries. It is far from giving you a complete picture of what can be found in the respective areas. It rather is a collection of own material, which came up with the practical work.

If you are interested  in these topics, be invited to get lost with me in the DSS Triangle.

If you were wondering about the name of this site: Apuuli is one of twelve `empako´, the traditional pet-names of the Batooro in Western Uganda. The empako is more frequently used than the real name of a person. Especially for the Rutooro greetings, the empako is indispensable. Hence even foreigners will be given an empako sooner or later. It is quite unpolite to forget someone elses empako, it is a catastrophy to forget your own. Mine is Apuuli, which stands for the young dog, and for me it marks my entry into the DSS triangle.

The material on this site doesn´t belong to anyone but me and my friends, with whom I worked together on some of the things. Therefor you can copy and use it as you want, as long as you mention our names as they are stated in the title pages. A reference to www.apuuli.de would also be nice. If you do so, please be aware that there also exists a [www.apuuli.org|net|com] by John Ahrens, which is not related to this site.

Have fun,



This site was created and web-published by Uwe Wahser (uwe@wahser.de) in June 2001.
Last update: November 2002.