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A software for HMIS Reporting, ...

“Kabarole!” is a simple software for routine reporting of service data as they are generated in routine HMIS. which I wrote in Fort Portal, Uganda in 1994 in the context of my masters thesis. It is designed as a flexible tool for routine data collection and basic evaluation to support a district health team in decision making.

... simple to set up, it run’s on thin clients ...

“Kabarole!” was programmed with an eye on these principles for software design in under limited conditions.It doesn’t have a lot of functionality, but it also doesn’t need a lot of resources in terms of hardware (runs on a 386 MS-DOS PC) or manpower (set it up in less than a day - no coding needed). Basically it does little more than summing up reported cases, but this it what it has been doing reliably since 1994 in Fort Portal without me as the programmer having to intervene - despite of new reporting forms and several changes of the administrators.

... and provides straight - forward reporting tasks ...

If you need a temporary solution for calculating routine summary reports for your health district, but you don’t want to invest a lot of efforts into a local solution (e.g. if a nationwide solution is coming soon), “Kabarole!” is exactly what you need. As a side-effect you’ll get a database with your district data, from which you can extract data for in-depth evaluation as you want.

... at no cost :-)

You can download and use it for free, just don’t forget, that “Kabarole!” is neither Open Source, nor Public Domain - so don’t change the name and keep refering to me and to this site, whenever you refer to the software. If you use it routinely, I’d be glad to receive a notice by e-mail or snail-mail, preferably a nice paper-postcard from where you are based :-) Maybe I’ll even answer your questions. If you make money with it in any form (e.g. as a consultant), I’d be glad to get some of that.


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